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Hansacontainers International Ltd is a rapidly growing innovator in the building industry that produces residential and commercial space solutions made from sea and space containers. By adding different features to the containers, they can be transformed into comfortable and functional homes and business premises for different groups including young people, seniors and those in need of temporary housing.

With our products, we aim to respond to the current and future challenges of the building industry, such as housing shortages in the metropolitan area as well as the growing demand for special housing. Container building is a fast, adaptable, portable and recyclable solution with almost unlimited possibilities. Apartments, offices, pop-up shopping centers, summer cottages, guest houses, restaurants, saunas… you name it, we build it!



OUR PRODUCTS – from container homes to apartment complexes

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe container home is the foundation of our product line. We manufacture single homes and portable apartment complexes. Our standard container homes are fully equipped with modern facilities including a bedroom, living room, kitchen and toilet/shower. Standard containers can be modified and combined in a variety of ways according to the customer’s requirements.

The container home is a fast, adaptable and portable solution for different housing needs. They can be quickly and inexpensively made into larger units such as dormitories for students, they provide temporary accommodation e.g. during home renovations and they can be used to accomodate refugees on a long-term basis also.  With added features, such as high quality safety technology our container homes can be transformed into fully accessible senior homes. Our containers can also be used as a home office or additional building, a holiday home or even a hotel room. Container homes can also be relocated if necessary.


OUR PRODUCTS – o f f i c e s   &   c o m m e r c i a l   s p a c e sToimisto2-pieni

In addition to container homes, we offer a variety of commercial and office spaces. Our approach enables the production of all types of premises, from small offices to shopping malls. Our offices and commercial spaces follow the same standards as our homes; they can be relocated if necessary.

Our container offices are designed to provide a functional working environment. They include three workstations and a meeting space with a separate entrance, and they all come equipped with a mini-kitchen and toilet.

Being a fast, adaptable, portable and recyclable building solution, container building holds great potential when it comes to developing services. The lack of services is a common problem particularly in new residential areas; it is common for services to appear years after the apartments have been built. Container building enables us to quickly provide temporary spaces for retail and service providers. In doing so, we add convenience to the residents’ everyday lives and increase the appeal of the new residential area.